SureSmile Prescription Archwires

With SureSmile, your teeth don’t move faster, they move more directly to their finishing positions designed by your orthodontist. Unlike Traditional orthodontic treatment, which relies on plaster models and X-rays, SureSmileprovides your orthodontist with a detailed 3-d computer model of your teeth to plan your individual tooth movements throughout the treatment process.

By using customized SureSmile archwires, your orthodontist can move each tooth to the target position in a more direct path than with traditional braces. With the efficiency of SureSmile, you’ll spend less time in braces and have high-quality results.

It’s your treatment, it’s your customized wire sequence

Archwires are robotically bent to your orthodontist’s specifications. These “smart” archwires permanently retain your personal prescription and are activated by your natural body heat.

SureSmile reduces treatment time – not because teeth move faster or with more pressure – but because they move more efficiently. And with fewer wire changes and adjustments, treatment is more comfortable for the patient.